How to Get Free Gold in Coin Master

How to Get Free Gold in Coin Master

Are you looking for a game that revolves around building a village and upgrading it with gold or you are looking for Free Gold in Coin Master?

Well, this seems too dull, and every third game on earth is doing that, so to make things little more spices, why not you spin a wheel and what every you get as the price will be used for your game progress.

Well, now the game seems to attract, welcome to the world of Viking King and their cute little pets. Welcome to the “Coin Master” game, which has all spices for a great game.

Spin Wheel get items and kick-ass your enemy village to make the game progress.

Welcome to the world’s best game, which has been developing for all kinds of age groups. You can enjoy this game irrespective of your age group; it is also best for the little age group which can enjoy the spinning of the wheel and attacking another people’s Village.

free coins in coin master

Coin Master Game

Coin Master game has developed by the “Moon Active Gaming company, which did fantastic work on graphics and blending on the casino-style spin wheel to building village-style games.

Coin Master game had more than 10,000,000 installs from Google play itself and was terminated as one of the best games in the Spinning category. One of the best USB of the game is the absence of cruel intention and bloodbath, which makes this game safe for children of age group 7 years.

Free Gold in Coin Master

Coin Master game start with a new account having 75000 Coins in your account. You need to buy the Village for 60000 coins; after that, you can start your journey. These are the small thing which you should remember in the Coin master Game Play.

  1. It would help if you first put your desired name for the Coin Master Game.
  2. You will receive eight free Spin when a new game starts
  3. You will receive one star each time you do an upgrade in your Village
  4. You need 20 Star to move to a new village (so keep on upgrading Village Structure)
  5. You will get five free Spin every 60 Minute of the game
  6. You should connect your game account with Facebook account
  7. You should complete all the basic requirements of the game when you start a new game.
  8. You may get Hammer, Shields, Pig Face, or Coins with your Spin.

free coins in coin master

Coin Master Beginner Guide

One of the best things about the Coin Master game is you need not hurry for any task, all the guide provide in the game are smooth to follow, and even a seven-year-old kid can follow the game. There are many ways which you can employ to get on this game, some of them are as follows

Guide 1 # Login daily

The best guide for Coin Master is to log in daily for bonus and free Spin, do not skip any day, if you don’t want to play on any day, just log into the game and do the free Spin. If will give you huge rewards, and you will progress high in the game.

Always login to check new happening or events which are going on; if you miss some days, then events might have taken place without your participation.

Guide 2 # Connect your Account to Facebook Account and Get Free Gold in Coin Master

Now a day’s social media is providing new value to all the games we are playing. You need to attach your Coin Master Game account to Facebook account and receive huge rewards. When you connect your account with Facebook, you are doing free promotion on behalf of Coin Master, which will attract your friend to play this game. There are many benefits when you connect your game account with a Facebook account, some of them are as follows

  1. Get 50 Free Spin when you connect with Facebook
  2. Get 100k Coins Bonus (one time) when you join with Facebook
  3. You can save your game progress when you connect with Facebook
  4. You can invite your friends and share your progress with them
  5. Chat and send gift Cards with all your friend online

Guide 3 # Know your Items of Spin Wheels

You should know that you will receive three items and what these items are used for in the game.

  1. Hammer: it is used to raid another player village and plunder its resource and get some coins that can be used to make your Village.
  2. Shields: It is used to block blow of the hammer, it can be used only once, and after that, it will break and vanish.
  3. Pig Face: this item is extremely hard to find and can be used to plunger Viking Master village. You will get a huge reward when you get Pigface as Viking Master Village is full of coins.
  4. If you fail to get any items, then don’t become sad, you will receive some coins as a consolation

 Guide 4 # Upgrade your Village First

Whenever you have some coins, please do not keep them in your vault, start upgrading your Village from the beginning. As you need to grab 20 Starts to move to the new Village, so act smartly and start building your Village by attacking and gathering resources.

Guide 5 # Buy Shields for your Village

One of the best methods in coin master to safeguard your village resource is to purchase Shields. Shields are the best protection method against hammer and can block the hammer blow effectively. It would help if you spent some coins buying Shields for your Village.

Guide 6 # Buy Game Cards

Game Cards are best to level up your Village, and you can also share them across your Facebook or platform friends. You can also receive Gamecards from another player online and level up your Village.

Final thoughts

If you are playing Coin Master Game, then you should know that there are many methods by which you can get Free Gold in Coin Master. We have checked many online websites and found that only one website is providing legit methods to earn free spins and coins; it is worth checking that website if you are playing Coin Master Game. 


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